Enhanced, powerful... and really simple

Launching our next-generation platform. We’ve just released the new version of WP Configurator that gives you and your team superpowers, and you should go and try it out. 


Your product defines your success

You can never go wrong with WP Configurator 3.0! With its latest version, the experience is limitless. WP Configurator plugin itself allows you to create and configure products beyond a simple color change.


Let's take your brand to the next level

Follow these four easy steps on how to manage the plugin.
WP Configurator 3.0 is the perfect opportunity to make your web store stand out!

Install the plugin

Install our plugin on any WordPress website because it’s compatible with all WordPress Themes.

Digitalize your product

Take pictures of your product, build the layers/digitalize your product or contact us to do it for you.

Upload layers

Upload the layers to our incredible intuitive admin Panel and publish your Configurations.

Choose the skin

Choose if you want to show your Configurator on a page with shortcodes or choose the skin to show in the front end.


We can do more for you

Introducing the new features added on both back-end and front-end of WP Configurator 3.0!

Layer type added

Included Layer duplicate function

Added Undo/Redo in the backend

History panel functionality

Custom CSS/Custom JS

Resize image function

Inspirations are separated in individual post type

Configurator settings are added in Quick Edit area

Layer description support

Deselect Child functionality

Zoom feature included

Hotspot tooltip introduced


We provide best services for your Business

We’re here to give you the best service that you could ask for. We will take care of your Business Growth as you go further to reach your future.

Easy and efficient to use

WPconfigurator makes it easy for business owners to transform their websites into trendy, attractive pages that attract more customers.


The interface is meant to assist you in your website-designing procedures and help you make the best use of it using any device, anywhere.

Automatic Updates

In order to make constant improvements and add fixes, WPconfigurator is regularly updated automatically to be consistent in its work and always remain up to date.

High Performance

We allow users to make maximum use of our configurator by providing the best quality, high-performance servers. You can add as many customizations as you’d like, and our configurator will definitely be able to cater to it all.

Perfect for Ecommerce

For the business owners who do not have physical outlets to display their product range, it may become hard to show consumers what exactly you are selling. With WPconfigurator, you can maximize convenience for your clients.

One click Installation

Unlike other theme configurators, WPconfigurator is not too complicated to understand. With just one click, WPconfigurator can be installed and your simple website can be transformed into an attractive and interactive one.


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We are a great team that creates incredible plugins and themes. If you have questions or want to do some kind of collaboration with us, do not hesitate to send us an email.