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WP Configurator Theme:

A WordPress theme that is compact, simple and provide a unique look to your site. It includes a lite introductory version of WP Configurator Plugin and the fullwidth style Panorama Add-on.

Generally, the Theme has a bundled WP Configurator for WooCommerce plugin and Panorama - Addon for WP Configurator, Elementor Support for Product Woo Configurator but it is in a LITE version (limited feature) only with no license. If you want to upgrade your plugin you must purchase the WP Configurator PRO version.

The Configurator Lite version lets you do basic product configurator but if you need more features, you must purchase the WP Configurator PRO version.

You have to get an extended license. A license is needed for each website or domain.

Add-ons for WP Configurator Pro:

This add-on allows access to configurator elements right from your elementor page builder. From there you can build and display the configurator in a page.

This add-on allows access to configurator elements right from your WP Bakery page builder.

With this Add-on, you can set conditions among your configurable product components. Show or hide layers or groups as a certain option is selected by the customer

With this Add-on, you can add the image upload feature wherein customer can choose their own image to put on the product. 

With this Add-on, there will be a text input field added to the main plugin. The text will be included in the product the configurator. Some applications are for Football uniforms, wedding invitations, business cards, company name and more.


You can choose Credit Card or PayPal

The Theme/Plugin/Add-ons will work and you can keep on using it but you will not have continued access to plugin updates and support.

Login From your account at and go to Dashboard > License Keys

Login From your account at, go to Dashboard > Purchases > Invoice > View Invoice

Before buying our product, please read carefully our Refund Policy. Before a refund will be given, you must allow us to assist and help solve any problem you have by opening a support ticket. Refund also will not be granted If you simply decide not to use the product or buy the product accidentally.

WP Configurator Pro:

A plugin that you install on your website with added function to create a configurator of any product.

WP Configurator Pro has all the advanced features. It is a licensed plugin that is renewable annually with support and access to plugin updates. The Lite version only includes the basic configuration functions.

Yes, you can connect configurator with existing WooCommerce product. Just edit your single product and choose configurator and it’s style.

Generally, the WP Configurator is responsive and adapts to any screen size.

You can submit support ticket at or contact us on our live chat for questions

Support deals with installation of the theme / plugin , issues that arise from the usage of any features available by default, bug fixes, and small modifications within one or two lines of code. We do not offer support for installation or administration of WordPress itself, nor do we provide support for any third party plugins, or problems associated with using them in a combination with one of our themes. Please be aware that if you need help with customizations of your theme beyond one or two lines of code, your best bet is to check write here and ask for quote custom projects(link:

Skins for WP Configurator Pro:

There are 6 different styles or skin preview that the configurator can offer. For premium fullwidth display, you need to purchase the Panorama Add-on.