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The most intuitive product configurator for wordpress

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Getting Started

Learn to create your Configurator in 4 steps

WP Configurator Plugin allows users to modify their products and offer them a better user experience. Follow these four steps to prepare your product configurator. The best thing is it’s easier than you think.

WP CONFIGURATOR THEME - WP Configurator Plugin

1. Use your WP theme or buy our WP Configurator

Our WP Configurator plugin is compatible with all the WordPress themesHowever, you can also buy our theme, fully compatible with our Configurator plugin, which comes with WP Configurator Plugin and Panorama add-on.


2. Buy our WP Configurator Plugin

The best tool yet for product configuration! WP Configurator plugin offers the most intuitive interface for product configuration, which is best for any online WordPress store that wishes to provide personalized products.

PANORAMA SKIN - WP Configurator Plugin

3. Create the layers and choose the skin you desire

Once the plugin is installed, you can now create a configurator. Then, within the WooCommerce product, select the skin you want to show. You’ll have 6 to choose from, or buy Panorama Addon for a fullscreen skin.

4. Publish your product and offer to your customers a unique experience!

Publish your product with the WP Configurator plugin and offer visitors a truly different shopping experience and convert them to customers.