Easy Control Layers

Take complete control of layers that make the process of configuring products simple and easy. Define important layers, use the drag and drop feature for proper structuring and hide unwanted layers with just one click!

Powerfull options per Layer

Carefully arrange various options such as price allotment according to layers, activate or deactivate certain layers and mark layers as priority – all making the process of customizing the perfect product easily!

Coordinates Controls

Easily manipulate product image alignment, measurements and positions while making use of handy controls and an interface that is very easy to understand and navigate through.

Visual Canvas

Configurations can be created effortlessly using the visual canvas, simple controls and live editor. Drag and drop images, resize, place the layers in the manner you want and finish with the design that suits you best!

Add Multiples Views

Tap to view multiple angles of your product to provide a better perspective and view of how it looks. Move between the views easily using the interface.

Choose your style

Your configurator can be created in any way that you prefer. From providing ready-made skins as layouts for the webpage to allowing users to create a custom design of their own by using shortcodes, our plugins can be extremely helpful.

Build with shortcodes

Our shortcode builder is compatible to work in line with all visual builders present in the market, therefore allowing the user to select the layout of their choice.




‘Inspirations’ are configurations created by you, especially for your buyers, in order to provide them with a clear beginning point.



If you’re unhappy with the changes you made in a configuration, you can easily revert back to the default product and start over by reloading.



Your configuration can be made your own by downloading it with just one simple click! Downloads are unlimited and prove to be very useful for most users.


LET’S KILL the market!
Leverage the Configurator Plugin to Boost eCommerce Sales Rapidly

Offer visitors a truly different shopping experience and convert them to customers. Configurator Plugin is the perfect opportunity to make your web store stand out! Simply activate and demonstrate the era of hyperpersonalization!