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The most intuitive product configurator for wordpress

The #1 Wordpress Configurator Plugin – New pricing

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The most intuitive Product Configurator Plugin in the market

WPConfigurator, being the best in the market, lives up to its title and provides a unique designing experience for the users.

Easy control layers

Control layers that make product configuration smooth and simple. Define ‘parents’ and ‘child’ layers, drag & drop for structuring, hide and block unwanted layers.

Powerful options per layer

Setup multiple options per layer like price allotment, activate or deactivate certain layers on load, and mark layers as required, among others.

Coordinates controls

User-friendly controls to easily manipulate product images, which include the X, Y, and Z positioning as well the alignment. And so much more!

Visual canvas

Create your configuration effortlessly in a visual canvas with easy-to-use controls and intuitive use. Just drag & drop the images, resize, position the layers in the place you want, and you’re done.

Add multiples views

Add multiple views for your product to give a clear perspective of how it’ll look sideways or direct. Move between the views intuitively.

Choose your style

Create your Configurator in any way you want. Choose from the ready-made skins or create a custom design by using shortcodes. The choice is yours.

Check our tutorial videos on Youtube:

Simple back-end,
awesome results

With this tool, you have everything about your brand at your fingertips. A thing that comes here exclusively is the affordable rates.

They aren’t too much that only the brands with high investment can buy, but cost-effective to match your budget.

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