Live Editor by King Composer

King Composer is the leading web-designing tool that gives user a hassle-free experience while working with extensive amounts of content. The Live Editor allows users to preview the changes they make simultaneously while designing the website, making it much easier to create designs that are most desirable and allowing users to work more effectively and quicker.

Configurator plugin included

You can now easily sell products that cater to the specific needs of your customers. Whether it’s a change of color or texture, customers can easily navigate through a drag and drop visual canvas that allows them to customize the product as much as possible. The interface is designed to be used by any individual, as it is extremely simple and interactive.

Customize your Woocomerce

WooCommerce themes can be very basic and only allow a default product range. To customize it and transform that simplicity into an attractive page for customers, use King Composer to create and apply your own design that is unique and differentiates your webpage from those of competitors.

Responsive Design

WP Configurator allows the users webpage to be compatible with all devices. Using the basic code and simplicity of the configurator, you can easily create trendy webpages with WordPress and WooCommerce that can be viewed on every device.

Created to be simple

Easy and simple to use

WPconfigurator makes it easy for business owners to transform their websites into trendy, attractive pages that attract more customers. The interface does not require the user to have knowledge about coding since it is extremely easy to use.

Perfect for Ecommerce

For the business owners who do not have physical outlets to display their product range, it may become hard to show consumers what exactly you are selling. With WPconfigurator, you can customize the elements of your product and maximize convenience for your clients.

One clic installation

Unlike other theme configurators, WPconfigurator is not too complicated to understand. With just one click, WPconfigurator can be installed and your simple website can be transformed into an attractive and interactive one.

High performance

A lot can be achieved when working with WPconfigurator. We allow users to make maximum use of our configurator by providing the best quality, high performance servers. You can add as many customizations as you’d like, and our configurator will definitely be able to cater to it all.

Automatic Updates

In order to make constant improvements and add fixes, WPconfigurator is regularly updated automatically. This allows it to be consistent in its work and always remain up to date.


We designed the WPconfigurator to be responsive and interactive. The interface is meant to assist you in your website-designing procedures and help you make the best use of it using any device, anywhere.



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