We just launched the new add-on “Conditional Logic for WP Configurator”
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The most intuitive product configurator for wordpress

The #1 Wordpress Configurator Plugin – New pricing

Amazing Product Customization

Custom text Add-on helps your customer significantly to easily maximize product customization and making relevant products!

Add text input such brands, names, club, affiliations and more right directly to your product thus taking customization in to the next level. Now that’s hype!

Scaling up your business
with the right tools

Now offer a custom text field that collects text data for added customization. 

With it’s added customizing factor, customers will be happy to keep coming back on your shop.

Get your customer engaged more in their needed services or product.

Match your branding, fonts, colors, and other product elements with your style.

Get your identity to next level. This tool will help your customer to enhance their product branding.

Give your customer a chance to have their final touch in every product customization.

Not Just Any Typical Configuration

The Custom Text add-on enables a customer to input text and include it on the product customization, giving more options and flexibility in personalization.

Offer more possibilities, extending your market!

Create stronger connections with your customer by offering more product customization. Reach out more business niche and become their service provider in terms of product configuration.

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