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How to digitalize your product and sell online in 5 easy steps.

  1. Pick products to sell
    Deciding what to sell is the most important step to get you in the process. Research a broad niche and narrow it down to a particular area. Choosing a smaller niche helps cut down competition and is more manageable to excel.
    For example, you opt for pet owners as your target market. In terms, of pets need, there are a lot to be considered though. Then you start to think about unique needs, preferences, or identity that makes it different from the market at large. Now, you chose to sell organic pet foods and treats and that is narrowing your niche which results to a more focused business.

While choosing a niche, choose the types of products that interest you. Pick from an industry that you are interested with and passionate about. Starting a business and building your own brand is a lot more rewarding.
Things to consider are:

o Look for possible product supplier
o Decide if you make the product by yourself
o Will you buy your inventory from a wholesaler?
o Do you consider drop shipping of you products?

These are helpful checklist for creating a possible business plan.

  1. Get your domain name
    A domain name will be your website address that customers can access to browse and buy your product online. Now you will be able to choose a domain that reflects your niche or product.
    Having a good domain name when creating an ecommerce website is one of the most important business decisions you can make. Your domain name affects your branding, visibility, search rankings, and more. Your domain name can do a lot to help your shop or store is more memorable and exciting.
    Domain names should be:
    o Make a memorable domain name
    o Include keywords related to products
    o Must be easy to say and read
    Choose your business name and domain name nicely. A bad domain name can make your site hard to find and a good domain name can do the exact opposite, firmly establishing your brand in the minds of online shoppers everywhere. This is why it’s so important that you choose the right domain name for your business.
  2. Build your online store
    A lot of business owners were afraid to go with an online business with websites since they have no background with technical knowledge. But nowadays, you can create beautiful website without writing a code. With an eCommerce solution that is ready to go, you can even more focus with other area of your business.
    It is important to choose the right platform that has add products, checkout options, customizing products and more tools needed with eCommerce.
    These things may include:
    o A good user interface
    o Helpful features
    o Creative design
    o Offers support and customer service
    o Got an affordable price
    Now that you have an idea to in choosing a great ecommerce platform, start building your own website now!
  3. Select Shipping Methods
    Having a customer online demands credible and fast shipping of orders made. Offering a free shipping is very popular with online stores, but you need to top it up with the cost. Around 74% of the shoppers rate free shipping as their choice upon checkout.
    Itemize the possible shipping cost factor such as:
    o Package dimensions
    o Package weight
    o Shipping destination
    Shipping cost calculators for 3 popular shipping carriers
    Each carrier takes many of the above factors into account to offer different shipping pricing models and shipping methods. Here are the pricing models and calculators for three of the major US carriers that offer shipping services: USPS, FedEx, and UPS.
    USPS shipping rates and shipping calculator
    To calculate USPS shipping costs, use this price calculator.
    FedEx pricing and shipping calculator
    To calculate FedEx shipping rates, use their Rate Finder tool.
    UPS pricing and shipping calculator
    For the most accurate UPS pricing estimates, check out their shipping calculator.
  4. Market your online store

Start marketing your online store right away and promote your business.
Social media like Facebook is a great way to support you marketing online strategy with your new online shop website. It is a nice medium to communicate with your customers directly, get some feedback and start creating your circle of community.
But this is not limited only with Facebook, there are different approaches to indulge with and often times it is exciting to mix and match these strategy. You can use email newsletters, search engine optimization, and up to paid advertising.
On summary:
o Facebook – you can create a Facebook Business Page and load it up with post and images about your company. Put some link back to your website and regularly create engagement
o Email Newsletter – emails should be sent regularly to promote upcoming products, sales and promotion. Your newsletter should be interesting and exciting but not too often in sending to avoid spamming their inboxes.
o Boost your Search Engine Optimization – this will help new customer to discover your online business through searches on Google and other search engines.
That is it! Now you have your online store that will help your business more competitive.

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