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No Coding Skills with Elementor

No coding skills means poor and boring website! But wait… that was several years ago, when themes and page builders were not on the scene. Now with Elementor as the most used WordPress page builder you can easily drag and drop elements into the back end of your WordPress website. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?
Gone are the days that creating website involves a lot of work between project managers, developer and content writers. It took months and months of revisions and checking just to get a few simple changes and design on your website.

What is Elementor page builder and how it made coding not nearly necessary?
We know how popular WordPress is, since it is easy to use, versatile and stable. It has also a lot of themes and plugins. Among those plugins is the Elementor page builder that allows a full-site editing solution.
Elementor make it easier for people who don’t do codes to create any WordPress website they wish to have. Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. This plugin helps you make beautiful pages using a visual editor. It’s created for you to build a dynamic and great websites quickly.

It has a free version
The free version of Elementor is pretty powerful. With its included features, users can build pages quickly.

Great Looking Pages with no coding skills
It has a lot of features and is super easy to use. For most tasks you’re going to find what you need. Drag and drop, page sizing and editing module by module are easy and fun. It has an inline text editing, heading titles, paragraphs, images, icon boxes and the options to choose font styles and font families.
So cool right?

Adapts to different screen sizes

It allows you to create custom page layouts with multiple versions of web page to best fit user’s device. Imagine having a static page that loads the same on all different screen size devices ending up to broken layouts.

Customization and design elements are boundless

The learning span is relatively short with just a limited understanding in munching codes. One can pick up and play for impressive results even with no coding skills and experience.

Sleek design for business page

Build quality portfolios

Make your profession, your business

However, Elementor have a little sting!
If you do some revisions, a stack of wrapper elements is needed to be inspected since it has own margins, paddings, alignments and responsive settings.
Elementor is a powerful tool and yet one might get confuse of so many more options. Don’t hesitate to ask help from developers, surely they are nice and sometimes handsome. These professionals are ready to do some custom projects for you and always know the remedy real quick.
Nevertheless, one should try for themselves and discover how websites can even be better with the push of Elementor.

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