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How to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on small scale business and industry

A crisis situation can disrupt operations, be catastrophic or it can reveal strength and resilience within the industry. As the business community learned through the experience with COVID-19, it is important how you would get it through! How your business can work with effective strategy and how your business could turn this crisis into opportunity.

Tools that can help small business owners.               

When it comes to the tools that help small business owners get the job done during these unprecedented times. Look to what organisational insights the crisis process has provided to help you strategise and capitalise on the opportunity for event-driven transformation.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, it has to be the time wherein businesses need to rethink and reconfigure key areas that will help them stabilise in the new environment.

Conventional businesses sell products in a physical location or shop. These include a direct contact or in face to face manner with clients and customers that relies more with cash transaction and human relations. With the current situation, people are advised to stay at home, work from home and keep social distance with each other.

How to address this challenge brought by the pandemic?

Make your business available online; invest in your own website

It has become advisable for everyone in the business to have an online presence. The benefits of moving your business online have many to offer.

  • Boost company’s credibility and trust levels
  • Reduce operational cost from rentals and other office expenses
  • Makes your product accessible for customers any time of the day, globally

Afraid to do it yourself? Browse here and chat with the experts!

Establish secure online payment

Secure dedicated bank account where you can setup safe payment processing page and accept money transfers from your customers. Some website structures already include this.

Some hosted payments that you may consider are:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon Pay
  • Stripe

For more content about this check with How to Add Payment Method on Website

Make use of social media

Focus on one or two platforms that work best for your market. Write blog posts or advertise special discounts, point out significance of your product so that you will get more traffic to your website and keep people inclined with the site. Social media works to your advantage in an age where everyone is killing time more than ever on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and on their mobile phones and laptops

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