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We’ve just released the new add-on of WP Configurator that can help your Business to extend the possibilities of your product. Go ahead and check it out!

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New Feature - WP Configurator Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce


Customize products
with WordPress

Imagine any product, which you can offer your customers, to configure according to their requirement. With WP Configurator Plugin infinite possibilities at your fingertips. The ‘Hyper Personalization’ has arrived; discover the full-featured Product Configurator on WordPress.

Join 5000+ Professional Customizing Products with Configurator.


Launching our next-generation

We’ve just released the new version of WP Configurator that gives you and your team superpowers, and you should go and try it out. 

What you need to do to Grow your WooCommerce Business with WP Configurator

Follow these steps to offer your visitors a truly different shopping experience and change them to customers. WP Configurator Plugin is the perfect opportunity to make your web store stand out! Simply activate and demonstrate the era of hyper-personalization!

Install the plugin

Install the plugin

Install our plugin on any WordPress website because it’s compatible with all WordPress Themes.

Digitalize your products

Digitalize your product

Take pictures of your product, build the layers/digitalize your product or contact us to do it for you.

Update Layers

Upload layers

Upload the layers to our incredible intuitive admin Panel and publish your Configurations.

Choose the skin

Choose the skin

Choose if you want to show your Configurator on a page with shortcodes or choose the skin to show in the front end.

Is not just colors, customize everything...

WP Configurator Plugin allows you to create and configure products beyond a simple color change. You can offer your customers texture changes or components. Through his work with layered images in PNG, the possibilities are endless.

New Feature - WP Configurator Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
WP Configurator PRO - Label

Create unlimited Sub-levels on your configurable products

With WP Configurator Plugin now you can create unlimited sub-childs inside a parent. Your product can be as complex and deep as you need. Will help you get the perfect product for your buyers.

WP Configurator PRO - Label

Connect your configurable product with a Quote Form

Now you can choose between selling your products with woocommerce or using a quote form. WP Configurator Plugin allows you to connect your configurator to a Quote Form. You are not necessarily obligated to sell. Feel free to choose!

New Feature - WP Configurator Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
New Feature - WP Configurator Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
WP Configurator PRO - Label

Contact Form 7 Support

Yo can customize your quote forms with the free Contact Form 7 plugin. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi et accumsan metus. Nullam viverra viverra mauris quis pharetra. Curabitur tincidunt enim non ex dapibus, id mattis augue rhoncus.

WP Configurator PRO - Label

Unlimited views with named tabs

Create unlimited views of your product and choose between tabs or dots. Sometimes a single view of a product is not enough. With WP Configurator you will be able to all the views that your product needs, and at the same time, you will be able to name each view with the tabs that it provides you.

New Feature - WP Configurator Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
New Feature - WP Configurator Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
WP Configurator PRO - Label

WP Configurator Plugin is Woocomerce Ready

Sell customizable products with WP configurator & Woocommerce. WP Configurator Plugin generates the shopping cart with the characteristics, price and list together with a miniature of the product that has been configured.

WP Configurator PRO - Label

Simple backend, awesome results

With WP Configurator Plugin, you have a powerful, simple and agile tool, with a powerful but simple Back-End, where you can turn your configurable product into something spectacular.


Discover WP Configurator Plugin PRO version

A lot can be achieved when working with WP Configurator Plugin. We allow users to make maximum use of our configurator by providing the best quality.

WP Configurator Pro


1 year Support & Updates

Build your future with us

We all are aware that digital marketing and customization is the future for any product selling. Most of the buyers are demanding unique and personalized solutions with the best fit of their product.